Did you know that early-onset Alzheimer’s disease cases continue to grow and are affecting people at an earlier age? One study reports that diagnosis rates increased 200% among ages to 30 to 64.

At Hope Philanthropies, we’re passionate about fighting Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of age-related cognitive decline. And we need your help. We serve Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related cognitive decline sufferers, caregivers, and families who need answers today.

Together, we can work to preserve the clear and active mind by:

  • addressing risks associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related forms of cognitive decline;
  • supporting the genetic research of Alzheimer’s disease and general dementia; and
  • facilitating access to affordable testing and screening.

By supporting our Helping Others through Personal Engagement or HOPE Academy you will help others. HOPE Academy is an early intervention telehealth resource for sufferers and caregivers. Your donation sends hope to families who need it most.

Or join us in advancing Alzheimer’s disease genetic-based research and low-cost test products and services.

Please join us in the fight.