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6 Brain Building Activities

1. Be Active – Whether you walk, dance, swim, or cycle, the important step is to move your body. Start by setting a goal to add movement to your day or by counting your steps with a wearable fitness tracker or phone app.

2. Eat Clean, Eat Simple – Eat whole foods and cook with fresh ingredients, not prepackaged. Try adding nuts, vegetables, berries, fish, and legumes to build a healthy brain. If in doubt, think pick, dig, and catch – don’t get it from a box.

3. Dream Eight – Make sleep a priority, about 8 hours a night.Your brain builds connections and cleans itself as you sleep. Wind down by tuning out cellphones, Ipads, computers and tv at least an hour before bed.

4. Socialize – Positive social interaction builds brain health and provides emotional support. Connect with friends and family, join a club, volunteer, or learn a new skill together. Sharing conversations makes for a healthy brain.

5. Relax & Unwind – Meditation, yoga, and other deep breathing exercises are great ways to unwind. Also, add in a nature break each day, whether it is walking, reading a book, enjoying coffee, or even taking a call – do it outside.

6. Stimulate Your Brain – Listen to music. Read books. Enjoy art, both creating and viewing it. Learn an instrument or try a new language. Visit new places. Do fun things you enjoy.